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New Readers

Here is where you get to know the main cast of characters of this webcomic. Hope you get have the joy of knowing them as much as I have!


Stanlaus ShikwekweThe head of the clan. A typical modern day African man struggling to come to terms with the new dot-com era. A proud husband and father who loves his football. He enjoys spending time with young people. So much so, that he does not mind being a high school teacher.


Bernice ShikwekweThe epitome of the 21st century’s African super woman. Juggling her part-time job as a business consultant with being a dependable housewife. She sometimes has a hard time understanding her husband – especially his love for football – but she adores him all the same. And as if that is not enough, she has to cope with a teenager, a playful daughter and a baby. Despite having her hands full, Bernice loves every bit of her life.


Zakayo ShikwekweYour typical 15 year old dot-com savvy teenager who continually battles his parents on achieving more control over his life. If he is not hanging out with his friends Ravi and Ochieng, Zak will be playing on his PlayStation, or watching a game of football with his dad (the one thing they have in common!). He also has the unfortunate predicament of having his father teach at his school.


Phyllis ShikwekweThere is never a dull moment with Phyllis around. Inquisitive, intelligent and a bundle of joy, She is ever competing with Liengu for attention. Her innocence is refreshing and her energy knows no bounds!


Liengu ShikwekweThe youngest member of the clan. Although she can hardly utter a word, it is amazing how perceptive she can be. Simba is her comrade-in-arms and closest confidant.They constantly marvel at the crazy antics of the human race.


Liengu ShikwekweThe family’s pet, alarm clock, and watchdog(or is it watchchicken?), all rolled up into one package. Now it does not help Simba’s nerves that chicken happens to be the Shikwekwes favourite meal. He dreads every impending feast for it means his life could be in danger. If only he knew how much the whole family adore him. Liengu and Simba will often be found cracking jokes at the family’s expense.

Supporting Cast

‘The Shikwekwes’ do have lots of friends who will pop-up in the strip from time to time. There is the Patel family (Pradeep, Priya and their son Ravi) who are close family friends and long time neighbours. Ochieng, along with Ravi, are Zakayo’s best friends. Then there is Shiro, Phyllis’ friend, old Mr Sang, the headmaster of Unbwogable Secondary School, Alphonse the local witchdoctor and many others.